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Healthy living and quality of life are the foundations of our mission. We want people to live longer, healthier, and happier lives. GDN is a family driven business with one purpose: Better Products, Healthier Solutions, Happier Customers. 


Product development can take weeks, or years. Either way, our team is always putting you and your products in the best position to succeed.  


No matter the goals, one simple rule is always followed:  Always use the best version of what Mother Earth provides. 


Direct or distribution selling? Our team has years of experience in connecting you with the right people to make sure your products are sold effectively.


Have an idea but don't know where to start? Our network of innovators and industry-experts will help your idea flourish into a finished product (and everything in-between.)


GDN not only develops products, but also has years of experience with branding, packaging, marketing, advertising, video, & photography. We'll make sure that your product makes you money. 


Have a passion for a specific health issue? We can take your dream and help you start changing lives faster than anyone else. 

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Our staff and facility ensure that your ideas become successful products.

What makes an amazing health and wellness production and development team? A perfect mix of expertise, innovation, desire, and execution. 

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Product Development, Packaging, Branding and Everything In-between 

We take your project through every necessary step in order to ensure that the development and product is always on the right track towards a successful product launch

We know how important it is to communicate and progress through development and testing out the various concepts that help turn an idea into a successful product. 


Our team puts you through a proprietary process that flows your idea into concept. This includes pricing, ingredients, formulations, packaging, and more. 


You deserve a quality product, but you also deserve a product gives the best results all the time.  We thoroughly test products with scientific instruments and focus groups. 


Before going big, its always nice to go a small and see what people are saying. 


We help you get your product to new audiences to figure out how well it is received, and what feedback we need to make it better. 


Have an amazing product, but need help selling it? Join our distribution and sales network. Grow bigger than you ever thought possible. 


Products we have designed, formulated, packaged, and distributed.

We strive to create and develop high quality health and wellness supplements, fitness products, and other related products. We ensure that
customers are given the quality, assurance, and results that work.  


New ecommerce for the discerning athlete, fitness pro, health nut, or the average joe. We only carry effective, high quality nutrition, supplementation and food. Every product is testing, tasted, and experienced to ensure that your experience is perfect!

FNS Distribution

Leader in store programs for gyms, health stores, nutrition companies, and more. Focusing on making our clients stores better through managed services, marketing, supplements, apparel, fitness equipment, and more.  Better Stores, Better Programs, Happier Clients. 

Healthbiz Wholesale

A member club for health and fitness professionals, and store owners. For as little as $29/year, our members receive 25-50% off their favorite products everyday, plus have access to certifications, trainings, discounted events and more.  

sportganic women+

women+ is for women by women. We consulted and tested dozens of combinations of ingredients with some of the fittest women in the industry to construct the best women's performance supplement on the market. 

ADN™ Balance

Hormone Health and Menopause Relief

ADN™ Balance is biometrically formulated to minimize the effects of menopause.  Our blend is specifically designed to calm and mellow hot and cold flashes, mood swings, hormone imbalances, and other significant effects of hormone irregularity, or pre/post-menopausal conditions. Bring ADN™ Balance to your life in motion.

ADN™ Femme

Hormone Health and Female Energy

Biometrically formulated for a woman’s health. Our team focused on an anti-aging blend that maximizes hormone health, healthy and young looking skin, thicker hair and nails, a super charged libido, better circulation, clean energy, and nutrient rich organ health for women. ADN™ Femme enhances a woman’s life in motion.

ADN™ AlphaMax

Hormone Health and Male Energy

ADN™ AlphaMax is biometrically formulated to maximize men’s health. Through decades of research and trials, our team discovered and built the best possible product packed with nutrient rich elements,  and dense nutrition to promote healthy muscle gain, increased sexual libido, healthier skin, better circulation, anti-aging properties and unrivaled organ health for men. ADN™ AlphaMax enhances a man’s life in motion. 

ADN™ Focus

Anti-Aging Brain Health

ADN™ FOCUS is formulated to improve brain health by boosting short term memory, improving mental focus, and supporting general brain health. ADN™ FOCUS boosts mental focus by 100% and protects the brain from “brain rancidity”. ADN™ FOCUS is for anyone that wants to keep their brain healthy.

ADN™ Boost

Nitric Oxide Booster and Natural Energy

This simple, yet very effective energy boost compound tastes great and is must have for workouts, endurance activity, outdoor events, running, hiking, biking, and more. ADN™ Boost works with your body to provide an extended energy boost for hours without jitters, withdrawal, dips, or crash. 

ADN™ Move

Joint Recovery and Joint Health

Formulated with an innovative way to keep joints healthy and working better longer without the side effects of traditional joint supplements. Our formula uses collagen and added blood flow of nutrient dense ingredients to activate natural joint repair and healthy joints. ADN™ Move keeps joints healthy, strong, flexible and durable. 

sportganic™ bend+

Joints are the gears of your body, made up of tissue, cartilage, surfaces, and bone. It is mandatory to keep this system healthy and fluid in recovery and performance. bend+ is the perfect combination of joint nourishment, recovery, and protection for the modern athlete

sportganic™ pre+

It’s everything you want in a pre-workout or pre-event and nothing you don’t.  pre+ is the perfect pre-everything. Whether you want to power through that extended workout, an elevated performance at your next competition, or need a chemical free energy boost for the day, pre+ is the answer.

sportganic™ men+

sportganic men+ is not your everyday overhyped and underperforming men's health supplement. In fact, it's just the opposite. It is the most potent men's energy and testosterone formula on the market today.

sportganic™ pre+ Event Pack

It’s everything you want in a pre-workout or pre-event and nothing you don’t.  pre+ is the perfect pre-everything. Whether you want to power through that extended workout, an elevated performance at your next competition, or need a chemical free energy boost for the day, pre+ is the answer. 

ADN™ Daily 100

Anti-Aging General Health

As we age, A-Z vitamins become less important, while organ function, blood flow, circulation, and gland function become paramount. ADN™ Daily 100  includes all the necessary vitamins and minerals that your body needs every day.  

sportganic™ mind+

Your mind is the master controller of your body. It needs a steady supply of highly designed nutrition to maximize cognition, motor speed, recall, focus and overall brain function. mind+ is a must have neuro-health supplement for the modern athlete. 


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